From the Morning Memo:

A coalition of groups that back a measure for reforming insurance coverage of in-vitro fertilization and fertility preservation treatments will release a report Monday that found the bill would cost New Yorkers 55 cents a month, a less expensive option than the current system of having some patients pay out of pocket.

The report comes as the Coalition to Help Families Struggling with Infertility is making an end-of-session push for the bill in the final days of the legislative session, due to conclude on June 20.

The bill would require insurance companies to provide coverage for IVF and fertility preservation treatments. The bill was approved by the Democratic-led Assembly earlier this year and is pending before the state Senate, narrowly controlled by Republicans.

“This report shows that the monthly cost of The Fair Access to Fertility Treatment Act is 55 cents. That means that instead of tens of thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket costs,life-changing treatments like in-vitro fertilization will cost policyholders less than an ice cream cone at McDonald’s, a song on iTunes or a bag of Doritos,” said President and CEO of RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association Barbara Collura.

“It’s time for the Senate to follow the Assembly’s lead so that New York can join neighboring states like Massachusetts, New Jersey and Connecticut in providing cost-effective, family-building options for its residents.”

The bill in the Senate is backed by both Republicans and Democrats, with the lead sponsoring being GOP Sen. Elaine Phillips. It’s possible, also, that inaction over the legislation could turn into a political issue in the upcoming elections this fall if the Senate doesn’t move on it.

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