Republicans in the state Senate on Monday signaled they were non-committal on a bill that would prevent those deemed to be too dangers to themselves or others from possessing a firearm.

The bill is being pushed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who rolled out a campaign for the legislation on Monday in the Bronx and on Long Island.

The measure faces an unlikely chance of passage in the state Senate, narrowly led by Republicans.

In a statement, Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan indicated he wanted to focus on mental health issues that lead to gun violence.

“We increase access to school-based mental health services to get students the help they need while identifying potential threats before, not after, a tragedy occurs. Unfortunately, many of these incidents share a mental health component, which is something that is only now getting the attention it deserves,” Flanagan said.

“Senate Republicans are listening to parents worried about the safety of their children, and school administrators who would do even more to improve security if only they had the means to do so.”

Republicans earlier this year sought to bolster spending for school security, including the addition of school resource officers, which are opposed by Democrats in the Assembly.

“Any school safety plan passed by the Legislature and signed into law by the Governor must be real and it must be significant,” Flanagan said. “Ensuring the safety of New York’s schoolchildren is our most important priority.”