Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie on Thursday said a debate over reforming the admissions process to specialized high schools in New York City will continue into 2019, ensuring the measure won’t be taken up in the final days of the legislative session.

The decision to extend the debate over how to reform admissions comes as advocates and lawmakers from the rapidly Asian community in New York City worried about the impact of the effort to boost enrollment among black and Latino students at the prestige schools.

“After speaking to members of the caucus and also the Asian Pacific Task Force as well, we want to come up with something that is good for all students, so I think over the next few months and into the next session we’ll be having discussions with all of the stakeholders and all of the communities, including the Asian-American community, to come up with something that’s good for all students in the city of New York,” Heastie said.

The bill reforming admissions and phasing out an examination cleared the Assembly Education Committee on Wednesday, a move Heastie called a “first step” in the discussion.

But with the charged emotions surrounding the debate, Heastie cited the relatively short amount of time left in the legislative calendar. The session is scheduled to end June 20, but lawmakers have seven days remaining in the calendar.

The issue will be brought up again when lawmakers reconvene in 2019, the same year mayoral control of New York City schools will be up for renewal. Gov. Andrew Cuomo indicated earlier this week the issue would likely be discussed in tandem with specialized school admissions.

He was careful not to draw any links between the two issues, but mayoral control’s expiration has, in the past, been linked to other issues.

“These things, education policy, what happens in these specialized schools, what happens in middle schools and what happens in elementary schools is all policy,” Heastie said. “They’re all going to come up in the same year, but I don’t know if there’s a direct linkage or a dependency on one or the other.”