There is no question the political climate has shifted in the Trump era. And nowhere is that more acute than on the left. If we’ve learned anything from the victory of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez over entrenched incumbent Joe Crowley it’s that progressive Democrats, the new base of the party, are hungry for change and in no mood to compromise on values.

Leaving nothing to chance, Governor Cuomo is making some moves. Seasoned campaign veteran Maggie Moran is being brought in to manage the 2018 Cuomo Campaign. Cuomo is facing a primary challenge from Cynthia Nixon, who is coming at Cuomo from the left. Cuomo has always been very astute when it comes to politics and reading the mood of the electorate. And Maggie’s hiring was actually done long before Crowley lost. She has been on the payroll since June 15th and working out of Cuomo’s midtown campaign office on a full time basis.

The Cuomo team isn’t always big on titles, so technically speaking Moran will be a full time consultant, but make no mistake about it she is in charge. To make the move possible Maggie created a new company called “Blue Strat” to handle partisan activities including the Cuomo Campaign. She is on leave from her full time gig of running Kivvit, the company she founded with former Cuomo communications strategist Rich Bamberger.

Moran is no stranger to Cuomo, she worked full time on the campaign in 2010 where she did paid media and strategy for about 6 to 8 weeks down the stretch. Last year Maggie and Kivvit ran the union funded push to kill the constitutional convention. That highly successful campaign convinced voters that opening up the state constitution by referendum ( which is on the ballot every 20 years ) is not only unnecessary, but potentially very risky. Unions have fought hard through collective bargaining to achieve the benefits and rights they have obtained and when you put a sacred document like the constitutional on there operating block some of those rights can be tinkered with or rolled back.

( To be clear I’m not sure I actually believe any of that, but my larger point is Maggie is one hell of a salesperson )

In short, Moran is going to give the Cuomo campaign a sharper focus. The team will be more diverse and largely female. Another thing we have learned recently is that this very well may be the year of the woman in politics. They will be leaner with a robust digital effort to target voters and bring the campaign into the modern era. Many veterans have observed that while Cuomo won in 2014, the campaign itself was a bit of a disaster. Can anyone say “Joe Percoco?” I’ll say no more.

Finally the campaign will be focusing on what Cuomo can do as Governor to protect New Yorkers from the policies of Donald Trump. Whether that’s helping the island of Puerto Rico, fighting his immigration policy or standing up for Roe v Wade. Cuomo has been viewed as a moderate for most of his career, but that shifted the last couple of years as his current team began to read the political tea leaves and felt the winds shifting. The job now is to convince voters he is a progressive leader who can actually deliver results. That’s where Maggie comes in. Bill Mulrow will remain as Campaign Chairman ( whatever that means ).