In the interest of fairness….and not making the previous post overly long, we take this moment to bring you Democratic Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi’s response to the first TV ad of the NY-22 campaign released earlier today by his Republican opponent, Rep. Claudia Tenney.

According to Brindisi, it’s “telling” that Tenney choose, after serving almost two years in Congress, to focus on him and not “her accomplishments” in this first spot.

He also sought to set the record straight regarding his support – or lack thereof – of the current House minority leader.

“I’m not supporting Nancy Pelosi because it’s time for new leadership in Washington,” Brindisi said in the statement. “Tenney’s latest attack is straight out of the divisive Washington playbook that we’ve seen year after year, and voters aren’t going to buy it.”

“This ad is a perfect example of how Tenney’s corporate donors are controlling her campaign. She brags about her vote for the tax plan that caused healthcare premiums to spike for New Yorkers and gives more than 80 percent of the benefits to the wealthiest 1 percent of Americans.”

“If she had actually stopped the ‘bad trade deals’ as her ad claims, her favorite company, Harley-Davidson, wouldn’t have moved their manufacturing overseas.”

Brindisi goes on to insist that his record of “independence is clear,” again noting that he is on the record saying he will not back Pelosi to continue as leader of the Democratic conference if he is elected to the House, and also pointing out that he has publicly warred with his top fellow Democratic elected official, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, over the governor’s “failure to prioritize the Mohawk Valley.

In the assemblyman’s opinion, Tenney’s ad demonstrates that she is the one out of touch with upstaters.

He also points out that he could not possibly have contributed to crashing the economy, as she claims, because he wasn’t elected until 2011, at which point Tenney had already spent quite a few years (albeit in the near-powerless Assembly minority) in Albany.