Much of the Buffalo Billion case, of which four defendants were found guilty yesterday, surrounded the state tailoring a bid for $750 million RiverBend manufacturing facility to a specific developer.

Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown, D, said he has no tolerance for public wrong-doing but was adamant the convictions do not diminish the “transformational effect” of the governor’s signature economic development plan which funded the factory.

“It has transformed lives,” Brown said. “It’s helping to transform this community and those resources are very much a part of Buffalo’s renaissance.”

The mayor said the funding continues to flow into the Western New York community, with projects in progress and others still to come. He assured developer, who may have felt cheated by the bid-rigging connected to RiverBend, that they will have their chances as well.

“There will be ample opportunities for people to participate in the resources that have been provided through the Buffalo Billion,” Brown said.

The question though, will developers be on a level playing field when those opportunities come around. Brown said at the local level, the city is always reviewing its process to ensure they are working and he expects the state will take its own steps to “make sure any mistakes, any wrongdoing are less likely going forward.”