Gov. Andrew Cuomo blamed Republicans in the state Senate on Wednesday for allowing a program for speed cameras near schools in New York City to lapse.

At the same time, Cuomo did not rule out taking executive action to re-authorize the program, though acknowledged having a law approved was a “cleaner” method.

Cuomo could also wield his power of forcing the Legislature back into session, but he cannot require them to act on a bill.

“The simplest way is to pass the law and I still haven’t heard a reason why not renew the law,” he said. “That’s what’s so incredibly frustrating here.”

Nevertheless, Cuomo insisted the Republicans were not at fault for not taking up the bill before leaving Albany for the remainder of the year.

“The Republican senators are yelling at the person in the mirror. It is them,” he said. “The Senate Republicans do not want to pass the bill.”

Senate Republicans see things differently: Cuomo did not engage on the issue until the very end of the legislative session in June, they charge, and the Assembly could also return to take up a range of unresolved issues.

Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie on Tuesday in an interview said his chamber would not return this summer to take up an extender bill packaged with other provisions. The Assembly previously approved an extension for the speed camera program; the Senate has not.

“We have to have clarity about the situation because this a very serious issue and the game playing and the finger pointing has to stop,” Cuomo said.