Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Sunday was endorsed by the West Harlem Progressive Democratic Club, which cited his push for a $15 minimum wage, a paid family leave program and the SAFE Act gun control package.

The organization also pointed to Cuomo’s successful push for juvenile justice reform and efforts to bolster conditions at the New York City Housing Authority.

“The governor has led the way in fighting for progressive change for New Yorkers — from the strongest paid family leave program in the nation to raising the minimum wage to $15/hr to passing the SAFE Act and raising the age of criminal responsibility. He’s also working proactively to close Rikers, re-enfranchise parolee’s and clean up the disaster at NYCHA,” said the club’s president, Barry Weinberg. “Our members and our community know this, and that is why we voted overwhelmingly to endorse Andrew Cuomo for re-election. We look forward to working to support his vision to deliver real results for New Yorkers.”

Cuomo is seeking a third term this fall; he faces actress and public education advocate Cynthia Nixon in September primary.