Gov. Andrew Cuomo in a gaggle with reporters on Monday in Brooklyn said he plans to call out individual Republicans in the state Senate over the issue of abortion rights in New York.

“I’m going to call them all out by name — all out by name,” Cuomo said.

Cuomo’s targeting of individual GOP lawmakers is part of a years-long break for him and the Senate Republican conference. The relationship was once a productive one for the governor and the GOP lawmakers who controlled the chamber.

Cuomo had said he did not want to get “political” by waging an all-out-war against the Senate GOP, in part over concerns it would hinder his broader agenda. He may have also been mindful of Gov. Eliot Spitzer’s efforts to flip the Senate, angering the then-Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno in the process.

But this year has been different for Cuomo, who faces a primary challenge on his left flank from Cynthia Nixon and the potential for a Democratic wave year in the fall that could end the narrow majority Republicans have in the Senate.

Cuomo implored Republicans to return to Albany this summer and approve the Reproductive Health Act, a bill that would strengthen abortion rights in New York. The Senate is unlikely to do so, and Cuomo said he would not use his power to force lawmakers to return to the Capitol.

“Legally demanding a special session doesn’t do anything,” Cuomo said. “All it requires is they gavel in and they gavel out.”

The Democratic-led Assembly previously approved the legislation.

“I want them to come up and pass it,” Cuomo said of the Senate. If they don’t come up and pass it, the voters are going to know they’re against it.”

Senate Republican spokeswoman Candice Giove blasted Cuomo’s rhetoric.

“Women’s health issues deserve more than political stunts with stolen one-liners from The Apprentice,” she said. “Governor Cuomo, a constant absentee in Albany, refuses to engage with people who have valid concerns regarding the Reproductive Health Act including non doctors performing abortions or watering down criminal charges faced if an abuser harms a pregnant woman. He’s so frightened of Cynthia Nixon that he’s drinking the political Kool- Aid served by radicals and socialists who now control the Democratic Party.”