If Governor Cuomo is the candidate of the Democratic establishment, then Cynthia Nixon is fast becoming the insurgent candidate of the left. Following a pattern that took hold just before the Congressional Primary when Nixon and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez cross endorsed each other ( a move that is hard to view as anything but very prescient on Nixon’s part ), Nixon is set to do it again, only this time with State Senate candidate Jessica Ramos.
Nixon is expected to travel to Queens tomorrow for the 10:30 announcement. Ramos is taking on ex-IDC-er Jose Peralta who currently represents the 13th Senate District. In a statement Nixon says,
“I am so excited to endorse Jessica, and to receive her support. There has never been a more important time for women to run for office and to make ourselves heard. On Monday, we expect President Trump to nominate a Supreme Court justice who will very likely overturn Roe v. Wade. And,  currently, our state law provides no protection to New Yorkers if Republicans are successful in overturning Roe V. Wade.  For eight years, Cuomo has claimed he’s fought to change that, but at the same time, he’s kept Republicans and IDC members like Senator Peralta in power, knowing they will never support reproductive rights, and blaming them for his failure to lead. It’s time for the Governor and Senator Peralta to stop gaslighting New York’s women. They made the choice to side with the Republicans again and again. and now our reproductive freedom is at risk with Donald Trump in the White House and Roe vs Wade hanging in the balance.”
Peralta was the last Democrat to pull away from the mainline party and join the breakaway Independent Democratic Conference or IDC. He crossed over to the IDC in early 2017 and the backlash was almost immediate as he faced criticism from voters in the district. Until this past April the IDC had a coalition with Senate Republicans for control of the upper chamber. The alliance was in tact for more than five years and had the support of Governor Cuomo who insisted that the IDC-Republican contract remain in place through this year’s 2018 state budget. The IDC dissolved just days after the budget was passed in March and the 8 former IDC members went back to their colleagues and they all became a unified Democratic conference.
For years, few people knew much about the IDC or what role they played in State government, but more recently, in the Trump era, the issue began to break through. And now almost all the former IDC-ers ( all of whom are running for re-election ) are facing robust primary challenges. Sources say Peralta recently held an emergency meeting with campaign staff to figure out how to fight off the threat from Ramos who has been surging. Peralta denies any such meeting took place.
To gain the support of the Working Families Party in 2014 Cuomo pledged to work for a unified and Democratic controlled State Senate, but many progressives believe he reneged on that commitment. And at no point since that pledge have the Democrats been in control of the State Senate. Having learned their lesson, The Working Families Party snubbed Cuomo this election cycle as he seeks a third term, and instead went with Nixon.
In a statement, Ramos says,
“Cynthia Nixon is the progressive leader New York deserves, and I’m proud to support her and receive her endorsement. As a product of our public schools, a passionate advocate for immigrant families, and a champion for reproductive freedom, I know Cynthia will never betray our state’s women, students, and immigrants. For eight years, Andrew Cuomo has failed to deliver. Instead, he enabled, supported, and encouraged Republican leadership in Albany — even after Donald Trump was elected. Enough is enough. We have a bigot in the White House; we need real progressives Albany. I look forward to joining Cynthia in Albany next year and finally codifying Roe v. Wade, providing undocumented immigrants driver’s licenses, and fully funding our public schools.”