Judith Kasen-Windsor, the widow of the late LGBT/gay marriage battle icon and activist Edie Windsor, appears in a new TD ad on behalf of Gov. Andrew Cuomo and LG Kathy Hochul, slamming Hochul’s Democratic primary opponent, Brooklyn Councilman Jumaane Williams, for his personal opposition to same-sex marriage.

Kasen-Windsor’s support of Cuomo and Hochul is not new. She endorsed the Democratic incumbents back in June, and ripped Williams for his positions on both gay marriage and abortion.

At the time, a spokesman for Williams said the councilman “100 percent supports” both gay marriage and abortion – an assertion that Williams made himself back in 2017 when he was trying (unsuccessfully) to become speaker of the Council.

In 2013, Williams said he would not want to overturn Roe v. Wade and believes women should have access to abortion, while still being personally opposed to it. On gay marriage, he said: “I personally believe the definition of marriage is between a male and a female, but that has nothing to do with my belief that government has to recognize everybody’s relationships as equal.”

The ad was released by Hochul’s campaign, which made no mention about where and when it’s running, who made it or how big the buy is – assuming there is one. Also, Kasen-Windsor mentions both Cuomo (twice) and Hochul (once) in the spot, though technically speaking, the two are running separately in the September primary.

The ad also mentions Cuomo’s primary opponent, actress/activist Cynthia Nixon.

The general election ballot won’t be set until after the primary, and it’s possible that Cuomo could end up running with a partner not of his choosing – in other words, Williams – if the councilman manages to defeat Hochul, a former congresswoman and ex-Erie County clerk.

Hochul went through this once before, with speculation that she could be a weak link for Cuomo in the 2014 primary, when she faced off against net neutrality guru and Columbia Law School Prof. Tim Wu, while Cuomo was battling Fordham Law Prof. Zephyr Teachout. Hochul defeated Wu, receiving just slightly less of the vote (about 60 percent) than Cuomo did (about 62 percent).

There has been some speculation that since the bulk of the primary vote comes out of New York City, where Williams is fairly well known, Hochul could be in more trouble this time around. She has been redoubling her attention on the downstate region of late, and this week reported raising $1.2 million.

“I was married to Edie Windsor, a champion for gay rights who took the fight for marriage equality all the way to the Supreme Court and won. Today, President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee threatens our progress and our equality.”

“Two years after marriage equality became New York’s law, Cynthia Nixon’s running mate Mr. Williams said, and I quote: ‘I personally believe the definition of marriage is between a male and a female.'”

“New York will not go back. We need leaders like Governor Cuomo who are 100 percent committed to LGBTQ rights. New York must lead the way on LGBTQ rights and we can count on Kathy Hochul and Governor Andrew Cuomo.”