Republican Sen. Marty Golden in a statement on Wednesday called for the state Senate to return to Albany and take up legislation that would extend the program for speed cameras in New York City, due to expire on July 25.

The Democratic-led Assembly last month approved legislation extending the program, but the Republican-controlled Senate concluded the scheduled session of the Legislature without taking action on the bill, which has the support of Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

In the statement released by Golden spokeswoman John Quaglione, the lawmaker points to an outcry from constituents and advocates who want the program extended.

“Now, as the window for action is closing, and the cameras stand to go dark in exactly two weeks, Senator Golden is publicly calling on Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan to reconvene the Senate and call a vote. Senator Golden recognizes the importance of the life-saving speed camera program and what it has done to save lives and slow down traffic,” Quaglione said. “Senator Golden believes that anything short of a vote by the Senate before July 25th, to support the continuation and expansion of speed cameras throughout New York City, would be an unacceptable failure for the people of New York.”

Golden, along with Sen. Andrew Lanza of Staten Island, is one of two Republicans in the state Senate who represent New York City in Albany.

Cuomo has indicated a special session in July may not be necessary for the Senate to take action on speed cameras, given the school year does not start again until September.

Cuomo has, however, called for the Senate to return to take up a bill meant to strengthen abortion rights in New York, a move that is unlikely to happen.