Republican Marc Molinaro in a statement Wednesday said he would veto any legislation that creates a universal health care system in New York if elected governor.

In his statement, Molinaro pointed to the potential cost and the combined budget deficits in the coming years. The bill would pay for the health care expansion in part with an increase in taxes on upper income earners as well as through federal action.

“The Governor is hurling our State toward an $18 billion deficit, has wasted billions on economic development schemes that haven’t produced jobs, abandoned millions of individuals who rely on mass transit and New York taxpayers can’t afford a $90 billion annual tax increase,” said Molinaro, the Dutchess County executive.

“New Yorkers deserve the highest quality of care, greater choice, more competition and lower costs. Mr. Cuomo called the New York Health Act ‘a very exciting possibility’ last year, but that’s not an answer. He needs to let New Yorkers know now whether he’s in favor of a state government takeover of healthcare or not.”

The statement came a day after Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Democratic primary opponent, Cynthia Nixon, announced in a video her support for a universal health care measure.

The bill has been approved multiple times in the Democratic-led Assembly, but not in the state Senate, narrowly led by Republicans. Democrats in the state Senate have been supportive of the bill and would likely seek a vote on it should the party gain control of the chamber.

Cuomo has been supportive of a federal universal health care measure when asked about the state-level proposal.