From the Morning Memo:

Democratic candidate for governor Cynthia Nixon endorsed single-payer health care in New York State Tuesday morning via a digital ad released by her campaign.

Ms. Nixon chronicles her mother’s experience as an unemployed, uninsured single mother seeking treatment for a lump on her breast suspected to be cancerous. Upon finding a job and thus obtaining health insurance, Nixon’s mother waited four months before seeking medical guidance–fearing her insurance company would claim she had a preexisting condition and deny treatment cost coverage.

“We shouldn’t have to depend on our employers for insurance – and we certainly shouldn’t have to lie to our doctors to get the care we need,” said Nixon. “Health care should be a human right, not a privilege for those who can afford it.”

Critical of establishment Democrats and increasingly proving to be a thorn in the side of Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Nixon blames the blockage of key legislation that would further facilitate single-payer health care–the New York Health Act–on Senate Republicans and former members of the now dissolved Independent Democratic Conference, whom she dubs “Cuomo’s IDC.”

“Every single New Yorker can have good health care, with no copays and no deductibles,” said Cynthia Nixon. “But first we have to start sending Democrats to Albany who stand with people, not corporations.”