Republican state Senator Rob Ortt isn’t packing his bags and getting ready to head back to Albany, despite the governor’s calls to reconvene session in order for the Legislature to pass the Reproductive Health Act.

Ortt said Gov. Andrew Cuomo could have tried to push forward the measure, aimed at strengthening abortion laws, earlier this year and didn’t. Rather, he said Cuomo is taking advantage of the political atmosphere surrounding the president’s nomination of another conservative Supreme Court justice as a chance to score political points with the far left.

“We’re not coming back. If the governor wanted us back, he’d call us back. He’s not calling us back because this isn’t about governing,” Ortt said. “This isn’t about Roe V. Wade, about policy. This is about winning elections. He’s trying to use this issue to strike fear in the hearts of pro-choicers across the state.”

The state senator does not believe the legislation is a good reason for the governor to call a special session. He said all it would do is cost taxpayers money and open the door for other unnecessary legislation to be brought back to the table.

Furthermore, he said he’s seen this kind of effort before and still thinks it’s inappropriate.

“There was a lot of push to do really radical things ahead of the Janus decision,” Ortt said. “I just don’t think it’s good policy to pass policy in anticipation of what a Supreme Court might do.”

The Republican is a self-proclaimed “proud pro-lifer” but pointed New York has had laws protecting a woman’s right to choose, even prior to the landmark Roe V. Wade decision 45 years ago. He said even if the Supreme Court we’re to take up the issue again, it would not be for several years and there’s no way to know how the court would rule.