Former Gov. George Pataki this week released a fundraising email for Republican gubernatorial candidate Marc Molinaro ahead of the Thursday reporting deadline.

“With your help, we can end the crippling high taxes and embarrassing corruption that plagues our state,” Pataki wrote in the letter. “Marc and I are counting on you to donate today.”

Pataki served three terms as governor and is the last Republican to win statewide in New York when he defeated Carl McCall in 2002.

Pataki also unseated the current governor’s late father, Democrat Mario Cuomo, in 1994.

But the younger Cuomo has worked with Pataki, too, enlisting both him and McCall to a commission to study the state’s tax climate in 2013.

Pataki painted a dark picture of the state, saying the “stakes are higher than ever” and wrote that Cuomo is “desperate for another term” and lurched to the left in the process to keep pace with New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and his primary opponent Cynthia Nixon.

“Marc is even polling better than I did at this point in 1994! But the reason Libby and I are pleased to be supporting Marc is because we believe, our state is at a crossroads – and Marc has the ideas and the integrity to reclaim the future of our great state,” Pataki wrote.