From the Morning Memo:

Republican Rep. Tom Reed’s campaign says members of his staff were threatened, harassed, and insulted following a rally held in support of his Democratic opponent this past weekend.

Team Reed released several screenshots from social media, in which obscenities were directed at the congressman’s campaign manager, Nick Weinstein, who was present at the event in Olean. One person wrote: “Can’t wait to see you in public.”

Reed’s campaign said the rally for Democrat Tracy Mitrano was hosted by several liberal activists groups, including Citizens for a Better Southern Tier.

“As an elected official, I have come to accept all that goes with it,” Reed said. “That unfortunately includes unfair, baseless personal attacks against me and my family. But to harass and threaten members of my staff is completely unacceptable. These actions are cruel, petty, and concerning, and reflect the extremism of our opposition. Such extremism must end.”

Weinstein said he was surprised by the “hateful rhetoric” coming from an event that was billed as a unity rally. He insisted he and other staff members are always courteous when they attend events – even when they don’t agree with what is being espoused there.

“We will continue to respectfully engage on the issues, and look forward to working every day to earn the support of every voter in the 23rd Congressional District,” Weinstein said.

The campaign insinuated the incidents could be connected to, or at least consistent with, the comments from California Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters who last month appeared to encourage her supporters to harass members of the Trump administration. 

But Reed’s opponent and her supporters, not surprisingly, have a different view entirely.

In response to the Reed campaign’s press release, Chautauqua County Democratic Chair Norman Green released his own statement. It did not include an apology for the tone of the Facebook thread. Instead, he said Weinstein was the instigator over the weekend and is known in Southern Tier Democratic circles as the “harasser-in-chief.”

He said Reed’s campaign manager has attempted to enter Democrat-sponsored events several times this year and resisted when asked to leave. Over the weekend, Green said, Weinstein was up to the same old tricks.

The Democratic chair said the goal of Reed’s campaign is to divide and inflame voters instead of engaging on the issues.

“Weinstein stood dead center in front of Mitrano silently filming her,” the chairman said. “It wasn’t the filming that was the problem. Tracy Mitrano has nothing to hide. In fact, her aim is to expose Reed and his take-from-the-mouth-of-working-families policies.”

“But Nick Weinstein took that position dead center in front of Mitrano for one reason and one reason alone; to be the Reed harasser in chief. Abbey Daugherty, communication director for Reed was also at the rally respectfully filming from a side view. It should be no surprise that no one called her out.”

Meanwhile, Mitrano’s campaign said it reviewed the insults directed at Weinstein and found “no evidence” that he was threatened or harassed.

“When we read the whole thread under Mr. Weinstein’s photo, we were pleased to see that a member of our campaign posted a reminder that it’s his right to attend out events and to record. He would like nothing more than for you to argue, harass, or record him, so that he can put it up on his Twitter to mock you. Let’s focus on Tracy’s message of bringing economic opportunity back to the district!’ We agree!”

The Mitrano campaign said the comments are protected by the First Amendment, however they are a good reminder “not to post anything online you wouldn’t want your grandmother to see.”