From the Morning Memo:

Western New York Republican Assemblyman Ray Walter is calling on the governor to answer “serious questions” about what his role has been with the state’s economic development projects.

After all four defendants in the Buffalo Billion bid-rigging trial were convicted on all counts, Walter said it’s obvious to him that lucrative projects have been up for sale to the highest bidder. He believes Gov. Andrew Cuomo must answer for that, even though the governor was not and has not been accused of any wrongdoing.

“Top aides to our governor have been convicted and justice has been delivered,” Walter said. “The corruption has been blatant and the economic development policies have been wrought with failure and fraud. The Cuomo administration has betrayed the trust of New York’s hard-working taxpayers.”

Walter has been a consistent critic of Cuomo’s economic policies, despite the fact much of them have been targeted toward helping his area of the state. His testy back-and-forths with Empire State Development CEO Howard Zemsky during the annual budget hearings have become commonplace.

“As the ranking member of the Economic Development Committee, I have been at the forefront of calling this administration out on its failed and fraudulent economic development policies and I won’t stop now,” Walter said.

Meanwhile, Erie County Republican Committee Chairman Nick Langworthy said the $750 million RiverBend complex, the signature Buffalo Billion project, will “now forever be a monument to corruption.”