Former Vice President Joe Biden appears in the latest TV and digital ad released Tuesday by Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s re-election campaign.

“We have leaders in Washington who want to roll back decades of progress no matter what the cost,” Biden says in the ad. “This one of the most challenging times for our country. Andrew Cuomo is the perfect antidote.”

Biden and Cuomo have long been public allies, with the Delaware Democrat appearing at the state Capitol during his vice presidency to discuss infrastructure issues. Biden also praised Cuomo earlier this year at the state Democratic convention in May.

“I’ve known Andrew for over 20 years. I know he has skills, guts, and experience,” Biden says. “Experience to defend New York against the conservative agenda coming out Washington.”

Cuomo faces a Democratic primary challenge against Cynthia Nixon, an actress and education advocate on Sept. 13.

Nixon has sought to drum up support from relatively new voters. But Cuomo has wrapped himself in the Democratic establishment during the campaign, winning public backing from Hillary Clinton and DNC Chairman Tom Perez. He’s also sewn up endorsements from the state’s major labor unions, both in the public and private sectors, several of which he did not receive in 2014.