The president of the state’s largest public workers union on Friday criticized Democratic gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon’s proposal to amend the Taylor Law to make it easier for public workers to strike without a daily penalty.

“Public sector employees are the backbone of every state and local government across the country,” said CSEA President Danny Donohue. “They provide essential services every day that keep our communities safe and running smoothly. It is incredibly naïve for Cynthia Nixon to propose that all public sector workers be able to strike. Clearly, she does not have the experience needed to be governor of New York.”

This is a big switch from only a few years ago, when Donohue was a consistent public critic of Cuomo over his policies for a new pension tier and a cost-saving labor contract.

CSEA in 2014 declined to make an endorsement in the race for governor as Cuomo sought a second term. At the time, Donohue derided Cuomo as a “moron” and a “monkey.”

But Cuomo has worked to restore his relationship with public-sector labor organizations and included a provision this year that is meant to lessen the impact of a Supreme Court ruling making it more difficult for public labor unions to collect dues.

Cuomo is also opposed to amending the Taylor Law, telling reporters on Thursday it would cause “chaos” if certain government workers — like teachers and transit employees — could strike without the penalty. Cuomo’s rival, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, agreed.

Updated: The Nixon pointed out a Facebook posted a CUNY professor, Corey Robin, backing the amendment as proposed by Nixon.

“Prohibiting strikes is a fundamental assault on two of our most basic freedoms: the right to withhold one’s labor and the right to act collectively. It literally means that if I were to do what workers in other countries and workplaces are allowed to do by right and by law, I could be put in jail.”

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