The latest digital ad from Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s re-election campaign touts the National Rifle Association’s financial troubles and the claim from the gun lobby that he’s to blame.

The organization has filed a lawsuit claiming Cuomo sought to discourage businesses from partnering with the NRA. Cuomo has called the suit frivolous.

“I’m tired of hearing the politicians say, we’ll remember them in our thoughts and prayers,” Cuomo says in the ad, which was taken from a gaggle he did with reporters in the Bronx on Saturday. “If the NRA goes away, I’ll remember the NRA in my thoughts and prayers. You know, you try to bully us in New York, we put our finger in your chest and we push it back.”

The NRA directly blaming Cuomo for its troubles has a mutual benefit for both involved. The group has struggled as gun sales have declined during President Donald Trump’s administration as new gun control legislation has stood little chance of passing.

At the same time, Cuomo is seeking a third term and faces a Democratic primary challenge from his left. His staunch gun control stance — and the successful passage of the SAFE Act in 2013 — has been a recurring theme for him during the campaign.

Cuomo is not popular among gun owners, but then again the NRA is not particularly popular with Democrats, especially those that vote in party primaries.