Gov. Andrew Cuomo in a press conference Thursday did not rule out the creation of a single-payer health care program next year, saying it’s something he would review with state lawmakers.

“It’s certainly something I’ll look at with the Legislature,” Cuomo said at the press conference in his New York City office.

But he added the details of a Rand Corp. report on the costs of a single-payer program in New York “are not necessarily determinative.”

Cuomo last month proposed codifying additional aspects of the federal Affordable Care Act in state law, including the adoption of an individual mandate that all people purchase health insurance, which had been repealed by Congress last year.

Previously Cuomo has said he is supportive of a single-payer health care program at the federal level, but has questioned the cost burden of a state-level version.

Cuomo’s Democratic primary opponent Cynthia Nixon has embraced the single-payer legislation that has been approved in the Democratic-controlled Assembly, but has not passed in the state Senate, which is narrowly led by Republicans.

Republican nominee Marc Molinaro has vowed to veto a single-payer bill should it come before him.

A single-payer bill would likely have to be funded through new revenues and tax increases, as well as with federal assistance.