Making it easier for public workers to strike by amending the Taylor Law would create “chaos” Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Thursday at a news conference.

Cuomo was responding to a proposal by Democratic gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon this week in an economic development white paper that would amend the Taylor Law to end the daily penalty incurred by public-sector employees like teachers, transit workers and police officers if they go on strike.

“You would have chaos if certain services were not provided,” he said.

Nixon’s campaign blasted Cuomo’s response.

“Governor Cuomo attacked unions for most of his first two terms — pushing to cut pensions, and retaliating against teachers for not supporting him in his campaign for governor,” Nixon said.

“While Cuomo has done an election year about-face and started aggressively courting the support of union leaders, today’s comments make clear that the Governor remains anti-worker at heart. We should be standing alongside our brave teachers, not cracking down on them for fighting for fair pay and dignity and better education for their students.”

But Cuomo’s position was backed up moments later by New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, a rival of the governor who is supportive of Nixon’s campaign.

“I have a lot of respect for Cynthia, but I disagree with her on this,” de Blasio said, according to Ben Max of The Gotham Gazette.

Cuomo has warred with public-sector labor leaders during his first term, but has sought to make peace in term two. The state’s largest public-workers union, CSEA, endorsed him for a third term earlier this summer as Cuomo touted a provision approved this year that sought to soften the blow of a Supreme Court decision that made it harder for public labor unions to collect dues.