In a deeply personal eulogy, former Vice President Joe Biden called U.S. Sen. McCain a “brother – with a lot of family fights.” Biden’s son Beau Biden and another giant of the Senate who both men called a friend, Massachusetts Sen. Ted Kennedy, died of the same aggressive tumor that killed the late Arizona Republican lawmaker.

Trump and his former personal attorney, Michael Cohen, devised a never-realized plan to buy up all the dirt collected on Trump by the National Enquirer and its parent company, American Media, dating back to the 1980s – a move that indicated just how concerned they were about information amassed by the company and its chairman, David Pecker, a loyal Trump ally who has cooperated with investigators.

Trump’s legal team is crafting a “counter-report” that will seek to delegitimize Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian election meddling and present countervailing arguments.

Trump said he would pull out of the World Trade Organization if it doesn’t treat the U.S. better, continuing his criticism of a cornerstone of the international trading system.

Trump also said he’s considering a capital gains tax break by issuing a regulation that would index gains to inflation.

In a blow to the N.F.L., an arbitrator has ruled that Colin Kaepernick’s collusion case can proceed because he has produced sufficient evidence that the league and its owners colluded to keep the free-agent quarterback off the field.

The Trump administration is getting some flak for its nearly all-white class of summer interns.

Aretha Franklin’s funeral will be held tomorrow in her hometown of Detroit, and many, many, many celebrities who were close to the late singer are scheduled to perform and speak at her service.

A French women, believed to be an actress in her 20s, has reportedly filed a criminal complaint with French police against the 69-year-old actor Gerard Depardieu, who denies the accusation.

The NYC Department of Investigation opened a probe into allegations of staff sex parties at a Bronx NYCHA development after initially kicking the accusations back to the authority.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio weighed in on the gubernatorial debate between Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Cynthia Nixon and said that “she more than held her own,” while calling Cuomo’s performance “a little bit desperate.”

During the debate, Nixon declined to say if she wanted de Blasio’s endorsement. Today she said that she fears the mayor’s backing could lead to political retribution against the city if she loses the primary to the governor.

Nixon careened from television appearance to television appearance today, starting with the local NY1 and moving on to CNN’s “New Day” and MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” reliving her debate performance from the night for a national audience. Cuomo made no appearances – on TV or otherwise.

While Nixon came off as credible during the debate, she didn’t land more than a glancing blow on Cuomo, who didn’t falter terribly in his performance, either. So, basically, it was a wash, which is not good for Nixon.

De Blasio’s streetcar through gentrified Brooklyn and Queens will be shorter than he anticipated, and more expensive, assuming it gets built at all.

Sam Nappi, the founder and chairman of Alliance Energy, which owns a series of power plants across the state, has emerged as the new top donor from Central New York to Cuomo’s campaign committee, according to a analysis of election records.

Fordham law professor Zephyr Teachout, a leading scholar on the topic of political corruption, has relentlessly focused her state AG bid on the corrosive nature of big money in politics, but chas struggled to keep up with campaign finance reporting requirements, according to records reviewed by the Times Union.

Author and commentator Michelle Malkin blasted Cuomo for declaring ICE to be “a bunch of thugs” and pledging to continue seeking various lawsuits against the Trump administration.

While it’s not a sure bet, it’s numerically possible that after the 2018 elections, there could be more women senators walking the halls of Congress than ever before.

GlobalFoundries eliminated 424 jobs at its Malta semiconductor factory and another 31 based at SUNY Polytechnic Institute in Albany, filings with the state Labor Department show.

The NYC Health Department revealed that 1,375 children living in New York City Housing Authority apartments have tested positive for elevated blood lead levels since 2012.

Cuomo announced that members of his working group, which is tasked with crafting legislation creating a regulatory framework for recreational marijuana, will meet 15 times to get local input on their task. Two days ago, the Assembly Democrats announced their plans to hold four public hearings this fall on marijuana.

As the popularity of genetic and genealogy testing companies, such as and 23andMe, skyrockets, and privacy concerns mount over how user data is secured, the companies are increasing their presence in Washington.

George Papadopoulos, a former foreign policy adviser to Trump’s campaign, has decided to stick with his plea agreement with special counsel Robert Mueller, his wife told ABC News.

The next attorney general will set the tone on investigating and prosecuting bad actors in New York’s multi-billion dollar real estate industry, and big moneyed interests are betting on Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney and NYC Public Advocate Tish James.