An independent expenditure committee funded by the Greater New York Hospital Association reported spending $325,496 on a television and digital ad purchases to boost the re-election bids of Sens. Jeff Klein and David Valesky.

Both lawmakers are former members of the Independent Democratic Conference, the faction that had aligned itself with Republicans in the state Senate before dissolving in April and rejoining the mainline Democratic fold.

Klein, the former leader of the IDC and a Bronx lawmaker, faces a primary challenge against Alessandra Biaggi. Valesky, who represents central New York, is being challenged by Rachel May next month.

Several former IDC lawmakers face primary challenges on Sept. 13 amid a progressive push back over the arrangement. The agreement announced in April that led to the dissolution of the IDC requires mainline Democrats to not support these primary challenges. Nevertheless, several elected officials have publicly supported challengers to IDC candidates, including New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and Rep. Jerry Nadler.

The hospital association’s independent expenditure committee, New Yorkers for Quality Care, reported in a Board of Elections filing last month that it transferred $400,000 to the committee.