Republican gubernatorial candidate Marc Molinaro and Democratic candidate Cynthia Nixon had something in common on Tuesday: they both got stuck on the train.

Molinaro unveiled his own plan for overhauling the Metropolitan Transportation Authority amid ongoing delays and troubles along the subway system.

His proposal calls for a replacement of the MTA’s existing leadership as well as more aggressive action when it comes to improvements on the system..

“Over a year has passed since Andrew Cuomo issued a ‘state of emergency,’ yet the MTA is lacking a full-time chairman during a New York City transit crisis that grows more dire by the day,” Molinaro said.

“Our subway system is at risk of entering a death spiral with deteriorating services causing more New Yorkers to seek alternative means of transportation, thereby depriving the system of revenue it needs to improve itself. That drop in revenue, massive debt, and political gamesmanship is already increasing borrowing costs for the MTA – resulting in a bond rating downgrade and projected negative outlook for the most complex and important public authority in the world. New Yorkers can’t wait until next January for a new governor, it’s time for decisive action to fix the MTA and save the lifeblood of this city.”

Molinaro, the Dutchess County executive, also called on Cuomo to set aside his feud with New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio in order to better manage the transit system.

“Andrew Cuomo needs to stop running for president and to start doing his job,” he said.

“If he put half as much effort into fixing the subways as he does fighting with Bill de Blasio while campaigning for President, the transit system would be running efficiently and effectively. New Yorkers deserve full time leadership and an end to this gamesmanship before it’s too late.”

Cuomo has received a boost on the issue from his allies in the Transport Workers Union during this campaign as the labor group has defended the governor’s transit record. The Local 100 has praised Cuomo’s handling of the subway in particular and insisted his efforts have actually helped improved the system and provided needed upgrades.

updated: Cuomo campaign spokeswoman Lis Smith responded.

“Trump-mini me Marc Molinaro’s campaign is a joke, as are his proposals to “fix” the MTA–many of which the Governor already proposed himself,” she said. “The Governor appointed world class senior leadership at the MTA that has developed a comprehensive plan to modernize it. Molinaro’s attacks are as hollow as Donald Trump’s infrastructure plan.”

Molinaro did not vote for Trump in 2016, writing in Rep. Chris Gibson.