Standing in front of the RiverBend manufacturing complex, the most expensive component of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s signature Buffalo Billion economic development initiative, candidate Cynthia Nixon criticized the governor for a lack of transparency.

Nixon pointed out, as have various media outlets, the Cuomo has not answered questions from Buffalo reporters lately, even as a jury returned bid-rigging convictions connected to that victory.

“I think that Governor Cuomo has a truly poor record of making himself available to the press, answering questions, particularly answering local press questions,” she said.

The candidate vowed to do things differently if elected governor. She said she plans to hold weekly press conferences for the Albany press pool, as well as being regularly accessible on the other side of the state.

“I will come back again and again to Buffalo and I pledge to have at least four town halls every year in Buffalo so I can interact not only with the press but with the people of Buffalo,” Nixon said.

The Democrat unveiled her own economic development plan Tuesday, which she said will include heavy investment in infrastructure and the human service industry, as well an accelerated move toward a $15 minimum wage in Upstate New York.