From the Morning Memo:

Democratic congressional candidate Nate McMurray’s campaign has newfound energy, more funding and larger public profile these days as a result of the federal government bringing insider trading charges against his opponent Chris Collins.

McMurray has acknowledged, regardless of the challenges ahead for Collins, he will still have to convince Republican voters to come with him if he hopes to win in New York’s reddest district.

He’s spent the last few days not only condemning the incumbent, but attempting to convince media and constituents he’s no liberal activist.

“I think that party divisions and the party politics is becoming less and less important to Americans,” McMurray said. “I think the real division is between the people who have power and the people who don’t, the people who play by the rules and the people who cheat.”

The candidate said it is unfair to put a liberal or conservative label on him. He pointed out he’s worked as a corporate lawyer for Delaware North, hardly the kind of job you’d expect from somebody on the far life.

McMurray said he grew up in the eighties and has “positive feelings” about Ronald Reagan.

“Look at my record. Look what I’ve done in a short time as a supervisor of a very conservative town. Look at my friends and family. People act like the D next to my name makes me some sort of an alien,” he said.

During an interview with Spectrum News, anchor Casey Bortnick then asked if McMurray would support House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi if elected. The candidate said he would not.

“I’m not even sure what her message is,” McMurray said. “The message does not reflect the values that we have here in Western New York and we need to move beyond that. We need new leadership. We need new leadership across the board in Washington. I think we all know that by now.”

He said his message is not specifically for Republicans or Democrats but a promise to fight for the entire middle class. He believes its the same message that appealed to Trump voters in the district two years ago.