The State Education Department over-allocated $12 million to local education agencies, a move that largely impacted charter schools, Commissioner MaryEllen Elia on Friday announced.

The $12 million is nearly 8 percent of the overall $153 million allocated to local education agencies in the state.

The error led to 275 charter schools and three school districts receiving too much money, leading to under-allocations to 677 school districts and 100 Special Act schools.

“The State Education Department regrets this unfortunate error and any undue burden it may place on schools,” Elia said. “We are taking immediate steps to correct it and ensure it does not happen again, including strengthening our internal controls. We will do everything possible to reduce the impact for all schools, including to reimburse 99 percent of districts this year.”

The Education Department plans to reduce a portion of funding received through Tital IIA from each LEA that was overpaid in the 2017-18 school year for up to five years in order to recoup the funding. That is expected to minimize the burden on the impacted schools, the department said.

For some of the state’s largest school districts — Buffalo, Rochester, East Ramapo and Syracuse — they will be made whole over a two-year period. New York City will be re-paid over a four-year period.