Democratic state Sen. Luis Sepulveda this weekend endorsed fellow Bronx Democrat Jeff Klein’s re-election, while his primary opponent Alessandra Biaggi was endorsed by a pair of reproductive rights groups.

In his endorsement, Sepulveda praised Klein for his “dedication, talent and drive.”

“Wherever and whenever there has been a pressing local community issue, Jeff has been at the forefront, leading the good fight on behalf of his constituents,” Sepulveda said.

“He has always made sure individual constituents seeking his help have received priority service. He has also delivered major funding to assure the communities in his district received their fair share – and better – including funding to a number of community organizations providing essential services to their neighborhoods. On a statewide level, he has fought to help see the $15 minimum wage, the NY SAFE Act, Universal Pre-kindergarten, a $10 million Immigrant Legal Defense Fund, Paid Family Leave and a host of other major legislation become law. I cannot think of a more worthy person to continue an already outstanding career in the state Senate, with whom I am proud to serve.”

Biaggi, meanwhile, was endorsed by a pair of reproductive rights groups: the National Institute for Reproductive Health and the Westchester Coalition for Legal Abortion.

“New Yorkers have an historic opportunity to elect a State Senate that represents and will champion their values,” said NIRH Action Fund PAC President Andrea Miller.

“Our federal government is controlled by anti-abortion extremists, while Trump’s nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court has placed Roe v. Wade in grave jeopardy. In the face of such unified federal opposition to reproductive freedom, New York must also be unified as a beacon of progressive values, especially for reproductive health, rights, and justice. That means electing state senators who value the freedoms, opportunities, and protections New Yorkers deserve over political expediency. The NIRH Action Fund PAC is excited to endorse candidates who are committed to championing New York values and whom voters can trust to advance legislation that respects and protects every New Yorker’s ability to make decisions about their reproductive lives, including the right and ability to access abortion care.”

Klein is the former leader of the Independent Democratic Conference in the state Senate. The conference dissolved in April and Klein became the Senate’s deputy minority leader in the mainline Democratic conference.