From the Morning Memo:

Democratic state Senate candidate Karen Smythe has formally backed a bill that would make it easier for the survivors and victims of childhood sexual abuse to file lawsuits.

The bill, known as the Child Victims Act, has stalled in the Republican-controlled state Senate in recent sessions amid a push from victims groups and advocates.

Smythe is challenging Republican Sen. Sue Serino for her Poughkeepsie-area district this November.

“Clearly, the only way to pass this legislation is to elect new leadership to the State Senate, and when I am a State Senator I will fight for it to be passed into law.”

Gary Greenberg, a businessman and victim of childhood abuse himself, has pushed the measure for the last several years, backing candidates for office who pledge to sign onto the legislation.

“I am proud to endorse Karen Smythe for State Senator in the 41st district,” Greenberg said in a statement.

“Karen is a successful businesswoman and community activist will go to Albany and see to it that the Child Victims Act becomes law. Sue Serino and the Republican majority have obstructed justice for victims of child sexual abuse by not allowing any vote on the Senate floor. Karen Smythe will make sure victims get the justice and healing they need.”