President Donald Trump on Monday continued his simmering feud with Gov. Andrew Cuomo, predicting the Democratic governor’s since walk-backed remark that America was “never that great” will end his career.

“Any politician that gets up and say that our country was never great,” Trump said, “I think that’s the end of that career.”

Trump was speaking at an event honoring those who work for the Immigration and Customs Enforcement, which Democratic elected officials and candidates have called to be abolished. Cuomo has stopped short of making calls to abolish ICE, but has said the agency’s mission should be reoriented so that it is not as inherently political as under the Trump administration.

Cuomo has spent the last several months ramping his rhetoric against the Trump administration on immigration, health care, taxes and gun control. But last Monday was the first time Trump himself appeared to engage in public, knocking Cuomo’s handling of the state’s tax climate at a fundraiser for Rep. Claudia Tenney in Utica.

Cuomo two days later disparaged Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan, but a firestorm ensued after he said America was never that great because of discrimination against women.

The governor on Friday acknowledged the comment was “inartful” but continued to criticize Trump. On Sunday at a church in Brooklyn Cuomo compared the president to a racist neighbor who fears diversity and different languages.

Updated: Cuomo’s office responded to Trump later in the afternoon.

“Mr. Trump, let me be clear: Any politician who puts the NRA above the lives of children in this country should find a new line of work,” Cuomo said.

“Any politician who believes the only thing American citizens in Puerto Rico deserve is paper towels should find a new line of work. Any politician who believes they have the right to control women’s health decisions should find a new line of work. And any politician who puts children in cages and rips babies out of the arms of mothers is un-American and a coward. New Yorkers know who you are, President Trump, and we look forward to seeing to it that you find a new line of work.”