Attorney General Barbara Underwood’s office on Friday announced it was opposed to a proposal she says would roll back regulatory guidelines for chemical accidents meant to protect communities and first responders.

Underwood’s office, leading a 12-state coalition of attorneys general, filed comments with the Environmental Protection Agency opposing the move that rescinds provisions in the 2017 amendments of the agency’s Risk Management Program.

“Yet again, the Trump Administration is proposing to sell out the health and safety of New Yorkers to corporate interests – jeopardizing our workers, first-responders, and communities,” Underwood said. “The EPA’s proposal would gut critical protections against all-too-common accidents at facilities that store and use dangerous toxic chemicals. If acting EPA Administrator Wheeler won’t scrap this reckless erosion of New Yorkers’ health and safety protections, we’re prepared to take legal action yet again to ensure a court does.”

At issue are amendments for accident prevention, meant to make improvements to safeguards against explosions, fires, gas releases and other accidents at facilities that house toxic chemicals.

Before the EPA had sought to make the changes to the program, then-Administration Scot Pruitt had backed blocking the rule from taking effect for 20 months.