New York will file a legal challenge if the push to end the Clean Power Plan succeeds, Attorney General Barbara Underwood on Tuesday said in a statement. m

President Donald Trump’s administration earlier in the day signaled it would move to scrap the Obama-era renewable and clean power regulations that limit emissions from fossil-fuel power plants attributed to the changing climate.

“As we face another record-breaking year of punishing heat and violent storms, the Trump administration is seeking to gut crucial limits on emissions of climate change pollution from power plants – one of its largest sources,” Underwood said.

“’Climate change is real, no matter how much this administration tries to deny it. We need strong, immediate action to drastically cut climate change pollution and promote affordable, clean, and sustainable energy — not foot dragging and backtracking that seeks to prop up dirty, expensive power plants. If the Trump administration’s proposal to dismantle the Clean Power Plan is adopted, we will work with our state and local partners to file suit to block it – in order to protect New Yorkers, and all Americans, from the increasingly devastating impacts of climate change.”

New York is leading a multi-state and multi-city coalition that backs the continuation of the Clean Power Plan.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo in a statement also blasted the move by the Trump administration.

“The future of our environment, our economy and our children is at stake, and New York will not let President Trump take us backward. Today I am proud to announce that New York will join the Powering Past Coal Alliance to share our expertise and experience and continue to lead the fight against dirty and dangerous fossil fuels,” Cuomo said. “With our bold mandate to close all coal-fired power plants by 2020 and our nation-leading commitment to renewables, we are already at the forefront of the clean energy revolution and we will not go back.”