The Communications Workers of America, one of the labor unions to bolt from the Working Families Party, made a public plea to Cynthia Nixon and Jumaane Williams for unity on Friday a day after Gov. Andrew Cuomo cruised to a primary victory.

“New York State’s primary election is behind us,” said Dennis Trainor, the union’s district one vice president. “Now we must focus on the crucial task which lies ahead between now and November 6th: uniting the labor movement, communities of color, and all progressive-minded voters across the State to re-elect Governor Cuomo and his team, win back as many New York Congressional seats as possible, and ensure that State Senate Democrats arrive in Albany next January with a decisive majority.”

Nixon and Williams, who lost his primary to Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul, remain the endorsed WFP candidates. It is not year clear if the WFP will remove them from the ballot, what mechanism can be used to do so (one option would be to place Nixon in an Assembly race, though that presents its own complications) and whether Cuomo, miffed by the the party’s rebuffing him in April, will even accept the line.

The primary was a bruising one for both sides, making such a unity plea potentially difficult.

“It is time to put debates and disagreements in the rear-view mirror,” Master said.

“That is why the Communications Workers of America calls on Cynthia Nixon and Jumaane Williams to bring their campaigns to a close and join in supporting a unified Democratic ticket that will defeat our true enemies—the Trump Republicans—this fall. Turnout last night demonstrated that there is a Blue Tsunami is in the making. We urge Cynthia and Jumaane, for whom we have great respect, not to stand in the way of the critical work ahead and instead to help make that Blue Tsunami a reality.”