Cynthia Nixon’s gubernatorial campaign on Thursday released a video highlighting her family’s struggle with breast cancer and her push for a single-payer health care program in New York.

In the video, Nixon discusses her mother’s battle with breast cancer and her own diagnosis. Nixon’s wife Christine Marinoni also appears, tearing up at the impact the illness had on their family.

“One of the things that’s, I think, so broken about our health insurance system is, how many people have healthcare but they’re underinsured, that their deductibles are so high and their copays are so high,” Nixon says.

“So people put off treatment and people put off preventative care and diagnostic care. And that’s the thing with cancer is you really want to be having those exams, you want to be having those mammograms. If we had single payer healthcare in New York state, people would really be able to take care of their health in a proactive way.”

Nixon and Gov. Andrew Cuomo face each other in the Sept. 13 primary.