Republican former Gov. George Pataki on Tuesday released a fundraising email on behalf of GOP congressional candidate James O’Donnell, who is running for the House seat held by Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney.

In the email, Pataki referenced Maloney’s parallel bid for the Democratic nomination for attorney general. Maloney plans to drop his re-election campaign for Congress should he win the AG nomination.

“New York is shaping up to be a battleground for control of the U.S. House and we have one of the nation’s only pickup opportunities in the 18th congressional district,” Pataki wrote in the email. “This has always been a competitive seat and President Trump won the district in 2016. But now, incumbent Sean Maloney’s decision to run for Attorney General and Congress at the same time has outraged voters and forced him to adopt far-left positions to cater to the New York City liberals who will decide the Democratic primary.”

O’Donnell is a county legislator in Orange County and is a retired lieutenant colonel for the State Police.

“Jimmy has always followed his call to serve, and now we need him in Congress more than ever,” Pataki wrote. “He’s in it for the right reasons–to help people and do his part leaving the world in a better place. He doesn’t get bogged down in the political nonsense and partisan hysteria that is crippling our government. He calls it like he sees it and works to deliver results.”