The eight Republican county chairs from New York’s 27th Congressional District plan to meet Tuesday in Albany to discuss the next steps in replacing indicted Rep. Chris Collins on the November ballot.

Erie County GOP Chairman Nick Langworthy said party members were already heading to the capital for a state party meeting. He said while action, like naming a new candidate is possible, it is unlikely to happen Tuesday.

In order to open the congressional ballot line, the party needs to first find a landing spot for Collins. Langworthy confirmed recent reports the party is looking closely at town board positions in the congressman’s hometown of Clarence.

The chairman said, as he has several times since Collins suspended his campaign in August, that the party has options as long at the congressman continues to cooperate with him. He said to the best of his knowledge, Collins still plans to work with the party.

In order to choose a replacement, Langworthy said he first needs to be re-elected as county chairman. The party will hold it’s reorganization meeting today, a few weeks earlier than usual.

Langworthy said he believes the other seven counties will move on their reorganization between now and Monday. The party has interviewed a long list of candidates already about the potential vacancy.

Grand Island Town Supervisor Nate McMurray is the Democratic candidate.