The state Education Department in a memorandum released Thursday outlined its refusal to accept federal funds for the training, purchasing or storage of firearms in schools.

The Education Department’s rejection of federal funding comes as the federal government has floated the possibility of bolstering school security against mass shootings by, among other proposals, have creating grants for weaponry in schools.

“The Department is focused on promoting a relationship of trust, cultural responsiveness, and respect between schools and families; ensuring that schools are safe havens for students and their teachers, where they are free to learn and teach, to laugh, and continually grow together,” the SED memo, released by Commissioner MaryEllen Elia and Regents Chancellor Betty Rosa, states.

“There is nothing more important than the safety and security of our students, and we are committed to continuing to partner with you to advance social emotional learning and well-being to promote positive school climates. We simply cannot afford to use federal education dollars that are intended for teaching and learning to pay for weapons that will compromise our schools and communities.”

Department officials in a previous statement last month had rejected the initial idea of arming schools.

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