The Working Families Party plans a “robust debate” at a meeting Thursday surrounding the future of its ballot line in the race for governor, but the final decision won’t be made until next Wednesday, state Director Bill Lipton said.

The debate is a necessary one for the liberal ballot line after its endorsed candidate, Cynthia Nixon, lost her Democratic primary challenge to Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

The WFP endorsed Nixon over Cuomo in April.

“The mission of the Working Families Party is to organize a grassroots political movement to end corporate control over our democracy and build a society that works for all of us — not just the wealthy and well-connected,” Lipton said in the statement this afternoon. “As we speak, the WFP officers, our standard-bearers Cynthia Nixon and Jumaane Williams, and — most importantly — more than 200 State Committee members are engaging in a robust debate around the best use of our ballot line to advance the WFP’s core mission.”

It appears that already the musical chairs, however, are underway to remove Nixon from the gubernatorial ticket.

As Zack Fink of NY1 reported this morning, the WFP earlier this week quietly nominated Douglass Seidman for a judgeship. He had been a placeholder candidate for the party in the 66th Assembly district, potentially paving the way to nominate Nixon in his place.

Nixon has not indicated whether she would continue on in the general election as the WFP candidate, but she has not campaigned since the primary on Sept. 13.

Cuomo on Wednesday with reporters also would not give any indication as to whether he would accept the ballot line, either. Cuomo already has several independent ballot lines aside from the Democratic line, including the Women’s Equality Party line and the Independence Party endorsement.

Not having an active candidate for governor could be trouble for the WFP, which needs 50,000 votes in order to retain ballot status in the next election cycle.