After staying mostly on the sidelines since losing the Democratic Primary to Andrew Cuomo last month, Cynthia Nixon has endorsed the Governor for re-election. In a Facebook video, Nixon urges fellow progressives to vote on the Working Families Party Line “Top to bottom.” Cuomo will be at the top of the ticket next week.

The WFP endorsed Nixon for Governor last April, but after losing the Primary in September, party leaders began to consider what to do with the ballot line for November. Nixon had said she never wanted to “play spoiler” and allow the possibility that by staying in the race she could split the vote with Cuomo and throw the election to Republican Marc Molinaro. With Some maneuvering, the WFP voted earlier this month to drop Nixon from the WFP line and put Cuomo’s name on the ballot instead.

In the video Nixon concludes,

I don’t have to tell you how important this election day is. If we all show up and vote, we can take back Congress from Trump and the Republicans in Washington. And in New York, we can win a Democratic majority in the State Senate that will be game-changing. That’s why on November 6th, I’m joining with hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers to vote on the Working Families Party ballot line. Top to bottom.

Since Primary Day, Nixon’s campaign has sent out a handful of emails urging New Yorkers to help win back the State Senate. Sources say there were overtures between the Cuomo and Nixon teams about a possible endorsement, but those discussions never really got off the ground. The Nixon camp was still smarting over a mailer sent out by the Democratic State party falsely accusing Nixon of being an anti-semite. The Cuomo campaign blamed the mailer on David Lobl, a former aide to the Governor who handled outreach to the Jewish community, and Larry Schwartz, the former Secretary to the Governor who ( laughingly ) told reporter’s he saw the mailer but failed to flip it over and see the egregious part on the back before it went out. At least one source points out that it is unlikely any mailer costing roughly $11,000 would go out the door without approval at the highest levels of the campaign, if not the Governor himself. Cuomo denied ever laying eyes on the mailer before press reports about it surfaced.

The Nixon team was seeking a public apology from Cuomo, which was unlikely ever to happen. Nevertheless her endorsement of the Governor drops 6 days shy of the election. Nixon says,

Every one of the 500,000 votes cast for me was a vote for our values. Medicare for all. Free college. Getting big money out of politics. Affordable rent. Legalizing marijuana. A subway system that actually works. Fully funding every school in every zip code, and taxing the rich to pay for it. The Working Families Party is where we are carrying on the fight for those issues.

A link to the video can be found here.