The state Conservative Party on Monday released a 60-second radio ad urging voters to cast their votes on Row C. And the ad explicitly links the effort to support President Donald Trump.

“If you stood with Trump against Hillary Clinton then, if you stand with Trump against the swamp now, this November vote that way: Cast your vote on the Conservative Party line, Row C,” the ad states.

The ad knocks Gov. Andrew Cuomo for wanting to “make this election all about Trump. The Conservative Party says bring it on.”

“This election, vote Molinaro for Governor on the Conservative Party line, Row C,” the ad says. “Send a message that you stand with President Trump because there’s more to do to make America great again.”

This is potentially music to the ears of Cuomo’s campaign. Molinaro has sought to distance himself from Trump and his rhetorical style. He did not vote for Trump, instead writing in Rep. Chris Gibson.

Nevertheless, Cuomo and his allies have derided Molinaro as a Trump “mini-me.” Trump remains unpopular in his home state, especially among the Democratic base.

“This ad from Marc Molinaro’s most enthusiastic supporters confirms what New Yorkers knew all along – Molinaro is a trump mini me whose extreme conservative views fly in the face of New York values,” said Cuomo campaign spokeswoman Dani Lever.

“Like Trump, Molinaro is anti-choice and has an A rating from the NRA; he supported Trump’s disastrous tax plan for the wealthy that raises taxes on New Yorkers by up to 30%; and he proved his political cowardice by refusing to condemn the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh. No matter how much Molinaro tries to run way from Trump in an election year ploy, it is clear as day that he is nothing more than a Trump mini-me.”