In a new Facebook video, City Councilman Jumaane Williams urges voters to support Democratic candidates on the Working Families Party line next week. The video is similar to one just posted by Cynthia Nixon, who urges a “top to bottom” vote on the line, only Williams never makes any reference to Governor Cuomo ( oblique or otherwise ) who is at the top of the ticket.

Williams says,

WFP members have shown up to stand up for justice over and over again. That’s why it’s my party. And the hundreds of thousands of people who vote on the WFP line are a big part of why our movement is stronger than ever right now. So on November 6th, let’s stand together.  Find the Working Families Party line on your ballot and join me in voting WFP on election day.
It’s not all that surprising that Williams is urging voters to support candidates on the WFP line. He had a big showing last month, receiving more votes than even Nixon in the primary. He also got his start with the WFP. What is noteworthy however, is that Williams is doing this video a few months before a likely special election to fill the unexpired term for Public Advocate. Letitia James, the current PA, is expected to win the race for State Attorney General next week. While any special election to fill the PA office would be non-partisan, the WFP endorsement could make a huge difference in a crowded race. And Williams is in a strong position to receive that endorsement, which would include field work on his behalf.
The WFP meeting is scheduled to take place November 12. Here is a link to the Jumaane Williams video.