Republican gubernatorial nominee Marc Molinaro urged Gov. Andrew Cuomo in a statement on Sunday to debate him or withdraw from the race.

Cuomo, who holds a massive fundraising advantage over Molinaro and a firm lead in public polls, is unlikely to drop his bid for a third term.

Molinaro in the statement pointed to the investigation into potential straw donors by employees of a health care firm, Crystal Run.

“Instead of a bus tour, we need a truth tour,” Molinaro said. “The Governor should agree to stand before the voters across the state and explain how to remedy the stench of corruption that has engulfed his administration in a series of one on one debates, but he won’t because he is simply out of lies.”

Cuomo’s campaign in turn said Molinaro’s campaign is trying to distract from the state Republican Committee’s headquarters hosting the founder of a far-right organization known as The Proud Boys, which has been described as a hate group. Clashes between members of the group and counter demonstrators erupted in New York City over the weekend.

“This press release, like Trump mini-me Marc Molinaro’s candidacy, is a flailing sideshow,” said spokeswoman Lis Smith. ‘The NY GOP invited an alt-right hate group to their headquarters in Manhattan — we’ll leave it at that while New Yorkers wait for an explanation and an apology.”