gladdmailer1gladdmailer2A mailer sent this week in the 43rd Senate district seeks to tie Gov. Andrew Cuomo to Democratic candidate Aaron Gladd.

Gladd, a former aide to the governor, is running for the seat being vacated by Republican Sen. Kathy Marchione. He faces Republican Daphne Jordan.

The mailer depicts Gladd as a ventriloquist dummy to the governor and recalls recent comments by Cuomo in which he suggested America “was never all that great” and, in another instance during a primary debate he called ICE officers “a bunch of thugs.”

The mailer urges voters to not support a “Cuomo puppet” for the state Senate.

The seat is a historically Republican district surrounding the Albany area. But Gladd has outraised Jordan in the campaign so far and won the endorsement of Republican former Sen. Roy McDonald.