The Women’s Equality Party in a statement on Wednesday urged voters to back Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s re-election on their ballot line.

The organization also announced the creation of a revamped website listing its platform, such as combatting sexual assault and rape as well as forms of harassment.

“The most important thing New Yorkers can do to ensure the continued existence of the Women’s Equality Party is to vote for Governor Cuomo on the WEP line,” the party said in a statement.

The WEP was first formed in 2014, meant in part to highlight Cuomo’s push for a 10-point women’s agenda, a package of bills that were aimed at addressing gender discrimination in housing, the workplace as well as human trafficking. A provision to bolster abortion laws in New York is yet to be approved.

Cuomo’s critics on the left had complained the WEP was devised to be a rival to the Working Families Party, a ballot line that has periodically been at odds with the governor. The WFP endorsed Cuomo in 2014 and, this year after backing Cynthia Nixon for governor in the Democratic primary, endorsed Cuomo following his victory last month.