Gov. Andrew Cuomo in a statement on Friday blasted President Donald Trump’s order to bar asylum for migrants for a “limited period” calling the move a rebuke to America’s values.

“President Trump’s attempt to block asylum for immigrants fleeing persecution and seeking refuge is a shameful assault on our American values and a continuation of his fear-mongering politics,” Cuomo said. “Fueling the flames of hate and division, this President is trying to shut the door on vulnerable men, women and children who are coming to this country seeking safety and security.”

The proclamation issued by the president earlier in the day comes as Trump has warned of a so-called “caravan” of migrants heading toward the U.S. border with Mexico. The asylum changes will likely face a court challenge.

“In New York, we remember that we are a nation of immigrants and that our diversity is our greatest strength,” Cuomo said. “We stand with our immigrant community and we will never stop fighting to ensure that immigrants are protected and our American values are preserved.”