As he rallies during this final weekend before Election Day, Gov. Andrew Cuomo is also boosting Democrats in battleground state Senate districts with a message to suburban voters: Republican fears of high taxes is unfounded.

Cuomo, in Mount Kisco for a Westchester County rally, pointed to the campaign of Democrat Peter Harckham, county legislator who is running against Republican Sen. Terrence Murphy.

“They have no argument, their argument against Pete Harckham, ‘he’s a tax and spend, old time Democrat who’s going to help New York City.’ What? Tax and spend Democrats? The Democrats brought you the property tax cap,” Cuomo said at the rally. “The Democrats balanced the budget eight years in a row. The Democrats lowered taxes for every New Yorker, what are you talking about?”

Republicans are likely quick to point out the tax cap and tax rate cuts came during GOP rule in the state Senate in addition to Democratic control of the Assembly and the governor’s office.

But more broadly, the theory is that someone like Harckham elected to a moderate suburban district will also be willing to carry the same fiscal concerns of the constituents who elected him.

“He’s going to represent his district and he’s going to do it like the fierce fighter he is,” Cuomo said. “That’s why he’s running. They literally have nothing to say on the merits and that’s why we’re going to win, because we are right.”

Republicans in the final weeks of the campaign have sought to portray a Democratic majority in the Senate as one that will hike taxes and install a single-payer health care system on the state.

But the fight for control of the Senate is being waged in moderate, largely suburban districts in the Hudson Valley and on Long Island. It’s not hard to imagine Democratic victories this year in some of these districts becoming battleground opportunities for Republicans in 2020.