As Washington came to grips with its new divided reality, President Donald Trump reveled in his party’s Senate victories, mocked members of his own party who lost after not seeking his support and even suggested he may be able to govern more effectively after losing a chamber of Congress.

U.S. AG Jeff Sessions is out, as was widely expected to occur after the election. He resigned at the president’s request.

A significant number of immigrant voters supported the Republican Party yesterday and, in turn, Trump, despite the president’s controversial stances on immigration leading up to the elections.

Trump railed against House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi for months on the campaign trail, warning his supporters of the possibility of her becoming speaker if Democrats won the House. But today, he took a different tack, tweeting that “in all fairness,” Pelosi “deserves” to be chosen by her colleagues as speaker.

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Trump will soon return to the limelight after the midterms, and the battles with the White House are now likely to heat up fast.

U.S. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer warned that attempts by Trump or a successor to Sessions to interfere in Mueller’s investigation would spark a “constitutional crisis.”

Disgraced former Texas Rep. Steve Stockman will serve 10 years in federal prison for conspiring to bilk at least $775,000 from conservative foundations that intended the donations for charities and voter education.

The shift in power in Washington positions several of New York’s long-serving Congress Members in place to take over the leadership of powerful House Committees.

Nyack College plans to close its Rockland campus and shift all programs to its Manhattan campus as of the fall of 2019, school officials confirmed.

Four Erie County citizens have won their unusual court case, which orders Sheriff Timothy B. Howard to accurately report serious jail incidents, as a state agency requires.

Chemung County Sheriff Christopher Moss, who ran unsuccessfully for LG on the GOP line in 2014, will soon have a new title — county executive.

Amazon is eyeing a sprawling, family-owned waterfront site surrounding the Anable Basin in Long Island City for its potential move to New York.

Here’s a winners-and-losers takeaway from Crain’s, vis-à-vis yesterday’s elections.

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New York state saw the highest turnout in a non-presidential year going back to 1994, the earliest year with data available on the state’s Board of Elections website.

After 62 days of overseeing more than 2.82 million calls to voters across the country, the Siena poll’s Don Levy is already looking forward to the 2020 elections.

Pornhub, an international pornography company, is launching a free leaf removal promotion. And, of all places, it has chosen Dutchess County as the area to debut the service.

Ulster County really likes Democrat Antonio Delgado. The congressman-elect for NY-19, who unseated GOP freshman John Faso, won 60 percent of the vote in the liberal enclave, as he went on to collect 50.2 percent of the Election Day vote.

In the hotly contested race for the 116th Assembly district, Republican challenger Mark Walczyk, a Watertown City Council member, is the unofficial winner over incumbent Democrat Addie Jenne.

A former finance director at the Olympic Regional Development Authority has filed a lawsuit accusing the authority and the state Inspector General’s office of prosecuting him to cover for ORDA’s extravagant spending on entertainment and alcohol.