From the Morning Memo:

Sen. Simcha Felder late last week introduced legislation meant to change how New York City votes after sustained problems at the polls over the last several Election Days.

The measure would, where allowed, change New York City voting machines, create a mobile unit of voting technicians to make fixes and provide better training for poll workers.

“It is clear from this November’s election that changes are desperately needed to help citizens vote in New York City,” Felder said. “This legislation ensures that New Yorkers who show up to the polls are not met with broken machines and long lines.”

Felder wants voting machines with touchscreen technology that would also provide a voter with a paper record after casting a ballot.

Poll worker training and the mobile technician unit would work to alleviate any problems with machines on Election Day as they arise.

Voters in New York City this month complained of long lines at the polls and machines that were malfunctioning.

Democrats in the state Senate, poised to take the majority in January, are planning a package of election reforms that include same-day registration as well as early voting and other measures.

Felder, a Democrat from Brooklyn who conferences with Republicans in the state Senate, has not given any indication which side of the aisle he will sit on in come 2019.